moka ground coffee

100% arabica gourmet

Grand Cru


caramel, malt, nuts

Sensorial Analysis

The spearhead of our espresso blends, designed for the most refined palates. Composed in equal measure of Arabica semi-washed and washed, in the cup releases aromas of caramel and hazelnut. Medium acidity that refers to berries and silky body. Long and sweet finish with notes of chocolate.

  • Aroma Caramel, malt, nuts
  • Flavour Red fruits, hazelnut, caramel, milk chocolate
  • Acidity Medium
  • Body Medium
  • Roasting Espresso, moka
  • Roasting level
  • Arabica Brazil Pe de Cedro Pulped Natural
    El Salvador Finca El Borbollon Washed
    India Kalledevarapura Estate Washed
  • Altitude 1100 - 1350 m
  • Botanical Varieties Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, S795