Pedron Caffè coffee roaster was founded in Padova in 2004, built upon the passion of more than 20 years dedicated experience of its founder: Massimo Pedron.


Our philosophy

Everyday devotion to our work and endless search for the finest raw materials are fundamental to the creation of our select blends.

Pedron Caffè blends are characterized by the use of the finest green coffee origins coming from the most renowned plantations. We import, directly from plantations, coffees with the best characteristics and artisan roast them in our company, fully respecting the environment.

Pedron Caffè aims to represent the ideal crossroads between innovation and time-honoured Italian wisdom in selecting, blending and roasting of fine coffee. Constantly updated in line with the dynamics of the international marketplace; on consumption trends and on the latest brewing methods; while we search for innovation yet remaining loyal to our traditions. Every cup of Pedron Caffè espresso embraces our objective to satisfy everyone who loves coffee in its purest form.

Our mission

Pedron Caffè wants to represent the ideal junction point between innovation and ancient Italian knowledge for the selection, blending and roasting of coffee. Constantly updated on the dynamics of international markets, on new consumption trends and on new roasted coffee extraction methods, we seek innovation while remaining faithful to traditions. Each cup of Pedron Caffè espresso contains the goal of satisfying all those who love coffee in its purest form.

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