70% arabica



caramel, malt, cocoa

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Sensorial Analysis

A delicate blend for those who love the unmistakable aroma of coffee and are not willing to settle for anything less. Our decaffeinated coffee is obtained through a water process that leaves no chemical residues like most decaffeinated coffees on the market, which are made with dichloromethane.

  • Aroma Caramel, Malt
  • Flavour Caramel, Cocoa, Almond
  • Acidity Medium Low
  • Body Full
  • Roasting Espresso, Moka
  • Roasting level
  • 70% Arabica Brazil Fazenda S. Martin Natural
  • 30% Robusta India Kaapy Royal Washed
  • Altitude 600 - 1000 m
  • Botanical Varieties Catuai, Canephora