Premium Single Origin

100% arabica gourmet

San Cayetano


blackberry, pomegranate, milk chocolate


The plantation

San Cayetano is a Colombian Arabica from the Antioquia department, Medellin, the homonymous farm owned by the Ospina family, from five generations, that in 1910 started cultivation, where the volcanic soils, the abundance of waters and the climate offer the best conditions for the cultivation of a quality product. The cherry are hand picked, pulped and then water fermented for 24 h before drying on African bed. Sweet caramel aroma with berry acidity, medium body and dark chocolate aftertaste.

  • Producer Ospina Family
  • Origin Antioquia, Medellin
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Castillo
  • Altitude 1500 - 1850 m

Sensorial Analysis

From the Finca San Cayetano in the region of Antioquia and processed by the washed method. In the cup aromas of caramel, medium high acidity that refers to berries. Medium and final body with notes of milk chocolate.

  • Flavour blackberry, pomegranate, milk chocolate
  • Roasting 5 / 10
  • Cup Score 84 / 100