Training Courses

We share our passion with our partners by a transfer of knowledge and trainig process aimed to make them ambassadors of our brand, our values and the care we dedicate to even the smallest details, transforming our product into a memorable aromatic experience.

To this end we offer our partners different training courses, from basic to advanced latte art, according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) methodology, this, to ensure high standards of quality and performance. Courses are held in our specially equipped training academy as well as in our partner’s premises.

Basic Course

Basic Course

  • The espresso story
  • Difference betwqeen arabica and robusta coffee
  • The professional espresso machine, use and guide to its working: parts, solutions, maintenance
  • Grinding: correct extraction, underextraction and overextraction
  • Tasting the espresso
  • Correct preparation of the porcelain cups
  • Milk, frothing and tips on its use
  • Analysis of the extraction parameters
Adavnced Caffeteria Course

Adavnced Caffeteria Course

  • Coffee production: areas, plants, plantations and harvesting
  • The different processing methods
  • Selection and Certification of green beans
  • Decaffeinating process
  • Roasting: how this impacts the taste, and in tasting
  • Professional espresso coffee machines: technology and regulating
  • The different types of grinders
  • Check control instruments for espresso: rifractometer (digital optical measure), EBF, extraction graph Analysis of the prerfect taste and extraction
  • Serving counter: organising the work area, hygene and cleanliness
  • Milk: composition, types, food and health safety regulations
  • Alternative vegan drinks/beverages
  • Basics of latte art
  • Basic blending
Milk preparation

Milk preparation

  • Composition and different types of milk
  • Working instruments: hygene, cleanliness, storage
  • Cappuccino: its story and traditional Italian artisan preparation
  • Classic caffe latte and alternate vegan beverages
  • Working techniques: creating the crema and how best poured
Latte Art

Latte Art

  • Story of the latte art
  • Preparation tecnique of latte, dosing and frothing. Working techniques: creating the crema and how best poured
  • Working techniques: creating the crema and how best poured
  • Freehand latte art
Coffee Brewing

Coffee Brewing

  • V60
  • Syphon
  • Chemex
  • Ice Cold Dripper
  • Aeropress